Welcome to the New Simpsonwood Youth Website!

tumblr_msuoiwf1Oy1qfr6udo1_500Blessings all!

We are so thrilled that you have decided to stop by our NEW  WEBSITE! This site will be the new hub for all things Simpsonwood Youth. We will be posting more and more each week so be sure and keep checking in to see what’s new in the life of this incredible ministry.

The site will be an ongoing work in progress as we attempt to constantly improve how we connect with the parents, youth, and supporters of this amazing ministry. For now, here’s just a small sample of the kinds of things that will be featured on the site:

  • The “Upcoming Events” page is a quick look at some of our highlighted future programs with links on how to learn more.
  • A detailed “What We Do” section that will highlight the best of SY, including opportunities to worship, study, and serve with the students of Simpsonwood UMC and Peachtree Corners.
  • Our “Trips” page will focus on what we call The Big 4: our senior high fall retreat, Confirmation (classes and retreat), mid high spring retreat, and our big summer mission trip. These trips are always the highlight of the school year for our students and we invite you to learn more and join us for our next trip.
  • The “Video” section will feature the latest from the Simpsonwod Youth YouTube Channel. You can also click a link to subscribe to the channel and be the first to catch new videos as soon as they’re released.
  • I have no doubt in my mind that the “Calendar” page will be one of our most popular pages on the site. Here you’ll be able to see every single event that takes place in the life of Simpsonwood Youth. You’ll also be able to click each individual item for details on all our events and programs.
  • To participate in a majority of Simpsonwood Youth events, our students are required to have signed permission forms from a parent or guardian. On our “Forms” page, you will be able to download a copy of any and all forms necessary to grow and serve with us.
  • Last but not least, we want to hear from you! On our “Contact” page, you can find out how to connect with our Student Ministries staff, sign up to receive email updates, learn more about volunteer opportunities for parents and adults, as well as connect with us on all our social media outlets.

We’re all looking forward to using this site to help create more amazing opportunities for families in the Peachtree Corners community and beyond. Thanks for joining us in our journey and may the Lord bless you and keep you!

-Trey Hockman – Director of Student Ministries, Simpsonwood UMC


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