Confirmation 2015

Class of 2015 Important Dates:
November 16, 2014: X-Con Applications Due
November 23, 2014: Confirmation Class / Retreat Registration Deadline
January 8, 2015 at 6:30pm: Dinner & Information Night
January 11, 2015: First Day of Sunday Morning Lessons
January 16-18, 2015: Retreat to Epworth by the Sea
February 21, 2015: Family Trip to Explorations in Antiquity
March 29, 2015: Confirmation Sunday


Each year, Simpsonwood United Methodist Church offers Confirmation classes to students to teach the essentials of the Christian faith and information about our denomination.  It is a time when the young people have the opportunity to claim the Christian faith for themselves and confirm the vows made at their baptism.  After a series of lessons, students will be able to decide to take a vow to express their faith and commitment to Christ and become members of the United Methodist Church.

Classes will begin in January and are held on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour (9:50-10:50 AM).  Another major component of the Confirmation experience is a class that is offered for parents.  We ask all parents to be involved in this class that parallels the class for the students.  The main objective of this parent’s class is to allow our ministry to partner with you as we seek to provide guidance to parents through the Confirmation experience.  Confirmation culminates on with a special service at Simpsonwood.

As a part of the Confirmation experience, students are expected to attend the Confirmation Retreat at the Epworth by the Sea United Methodist camp on St. Simons Island, GA.  Over the course of the weekend, we cover multiple Confirmation lessons and have a great time with outdoor activities and games. Students always love the retreat and it brings them together as a group, making it easier to share questions and beliefs.

To learn more about the Confirmation experience, contact the Student Ministries office at 770-441-2181.

X-Con Student Leadership Opportunities
An X-con is a Senior High youth (9-12 grade) who has been through Confirmation in the
United Methodist Church.  Those who apply will be asked to serve in a variety of roles.
The X-cons are not elected, but selected based on involvement in current student ministry
programs.  The X-con will serve youth who are going through Confirmation from
January to March.  After Confirmation, the X-con’s role changes to a mentor as they
encourage attendance, growth, and development through the student ministry at
Simpsonwood United Methodist Church.

To apply to be an X-Con, grab a packet located at the youth board upstairs in Building C of Simpsonwood UMC. If you have any questions, let us know!


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