7 Things I’m Learning about Change

7 Things I’m Learning About Change

This month I came onboard as the new Director of Student Ministries. After nine years in Woodstock, I felt God moving my family into something different. Thank you for welcoming us warmly! Through this process, I’ve been learning about change, and thought I could share a little because Simpsonwood Youth Ministry might have some change in its future as well …


Change keeps you from falling into a rut — it offers you an opportunity to keep things fresh. Change often leads to positive things for you.


Change sometimes comes with pain. Change means you must give up something in order to replace it with something different. It’s okay to mourn loss, and acknowledge the hurt, because we know God is good and has great thing in-store.


With change always comes opportunity. New friends, a new teacher, and new ideas lead to new opportunities to influence the world around you through the love of God. This should be energizing and exciting. God is moving in the change — it’s for his purpose and his glory.


It may take time to develop relationships, to develop trust, and to let people see your heart. When it comes to student ministry, this is a marathon — not a sprint. Please stick with me.


Any change requires humility and an acknowledgement that I don’t have all the answers. Valuing others’ input creates an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration that’s essential for a healthy youth group. Feel free to send me feedback.


Through my transition to Simpsonwood, my family and I prayed that it would be God leading us rather than any desires of our own. We bathed this whole thing in prayer and gave it to God. Knowing that God holds the future helps us keep a proper perspective on life. I covet your prayers for Simpsonwood youth group.


There are few people who have lived their entire lives with no major changes. Change is part of life. When my wife gave birth to our son (Jules), I had to sell my 1982 Jeep CJ7 (the kind with no doors or roof) and upgrade to a minivan. It stung. Change will continue to happen throughout my life in varying levels of difficulty or impact.

I admit I’m not great at change. I like things the way they are, I like routine, and I like security and comfort just as most people do. But stepping outside of my comfort zone has allowed me to experience a new adventure and learn more about the God I serve. I can now better see how the church is the hope of the world. Change will happen in ministry. Whether it’s a change of churches, a new staff member at your current church, new Leaders, new students, or a new building, change is coming! Don’t dread it (embrace it!). I’m excited to see what God has in-store for the youth of SUMC this Fall. — Thank you, all! — Chris Mixer

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