Social Media to make a Difference #FollowBack

Love it or hate it, Social Media is here to stay. It’s a tool that can do much more than showcase funny cats or Michael Jordan meme’s. Here’s three quick examples of how it can be used for good:

1. Responding to and Coping with Tragedy
When two explosions claimed the lives of at least three people and injured over 150 others at the Boston Marathon on April 15th, social media erupted. Much of this was the shock and sadness you would expect after such an inexplicable tragedy. But there were also numerous examples of people and communities coming together to respond and help as best they could. — Social Media helps teens process difficult emotions.

2. Opening New Lines of Communication
In Odessa, Florida, a police officer was able to use Facebook to reach out to a suicidal man who had barricaded himself in his home and had refused all other communications with police. — Social Media allows parents to reach into their teen conversations.

3. Sharing Hope and Courage
When a teen cancer sufferer began keeping a video blog of how she uses make-up to draw attention to her facial features instead of her chemotherapy-induced baldness, she served as an inspiration to so many people that cosmetics giant Cover Girl took notice. Thirteen-year-old Talia Joy Castellano became the honorary face of Cover Girl, and her courage has attracted nearly 40 million viewers to her YouTube channel. — Social Media allows teens to showcase their faith and passion for life.

So, here we go.
We need your help.
Please follow us, re-post us, leave comments, and help SUMC youth Social Media reach into our community to build God’s Kingdom. If you need ideas of how to use your own Social Media accounts for God’s glory, here’s a few ideas:

  • Share a Bible verse.
  • Share a book or website that helps you know God better.
  • Post a picture of your church, worship leader or pastor.
  • Fill in the blank posts: Have some fun with your audience and have them fill in a post like “My favorite memory of Church is _______.”
  • Talk about a hot topic: Look and see what’s trending on Twitter and see if there’s a topic that you can bring God’s truth to.
  • Throw-back Thursday: Post old photos of your kids in Church.
  • Embed a Spotify playlist with Worship music.

Don’t be afraid of using Social Media to brag on the goodness of God. Simpsonwood UMC is considering hosting an ‘iCulture’ seminar in November that invites all adults in the community to learn the current trends of how teenagers are using their cell phones, and how parents should engage and shape those habits. Sound like a good idea? Tell us on Social Media:




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