Experiences last longer than lectures will.

As a Youth Minister, I certainly hope to see students in church every Sunday morning, but I also hope youth get to experience a Mission Trip or Confirmation class. That’s because hands-on faith usually trumps instruction-alone. It’s a safe bet your fondest faith memories were on a Retreat or in a Small Group; not just a pew. Our Youth mission trip departs in just 40 days, and Confirmation kicks off in the Fall this year. Here are some reasons we love them:

We get to connect the story of God with the stories of students. Faith isn’t a one-way conversation. We encourage feedback & real-life application. Faith becomes personal on these journeys, as we engage all our senses, and ‘get busy’ practicing what we’ve been taught since childhood.

We get to open the Scriptures together, and read a Bible story from different perspectives. We encourage students to highlight verses, take notes, and wrestle with passages. We value student’s questions and doubts. In doing so, they will experience abounding grace. Students claim discipleship as a process of their own.

We get to seep in faith. Christian discipleship isn’t supposed to be just 1-hour-a-week. On these journeys we get to build relationships, live life together, and practice faith from all angles. We see being a Christian as a lifestyle & calling; not just a ‘thing we do on Sundays.’

Students want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Christ wants the same thing for them. Simpsonwood UMC has some fabulous opportunities coming up. Mark your calendars and encourage your students to attend. We hope to build God’s Kingdom right here at Simpsonwood UMC youth group.


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