The best of YouthWorks — Mission Trip

YouthWorks Missions has a blog & Instagram.
We are only 30-days away from partnering with them on our MissionTrip; so we combed through their website & found these gems:

(#1.) Unexpectedly useful items on a Mission Trip:

  • Fanny Pack… because having a place for all of your odds and ends right in front of you is incredibly useful.
  • Box Fan… because you need good sleep, and it can get hot and rooms can get stuffy, not to mention the white noise a good fan provides to drown out the snorers!
  • Headlamp… because you never know when you’re going to need to look for something at night after lights out.
  • Extra Toothbrush… because someone ALWAYS forgets theirs.
  • Power Strip… because you want to make sure you have enough outlets for phones, fans and alarms.
  • Extension Cord… because you might not be lucky enough to get your bed by an outlet.
  • Extra Air Mattress… because a deflated mattress on your team will leave you (or a teammate) feeling yuck.
  • Baby Wipes… because you’ll need a solution for spills, sticky hands and those times you just don’t get a shower.

(#2.) Here are 7 ways you can be praying for the summer months:

PRAY FOR SPACE – pray that God would help you find the room in your schedule to step back and recharge. Lean into that prayer with the decisions you make and the activities you commit to.

PRAY FOR DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF GOD’S LOVE – Because it all starts with God’s love for you. God’s love fuels your love. Pray for a fuller recognition of God’s deep love for you.

PRAY TO SEE OTHERS WITH THE EYES OF JESUS – Jesus recognizes our brokenness, but sees through it to people who God created as good and worthwhile and desirable. Pray that God would allow you to see others as God perceives you.

PRAY FOR DEEPENED RELATIONSHIPS – We were made for community, so pray that God would work in your relationships this summer – whether that’s with your family or friends or youth group or even with the strangers God puts in your path.

PRAY FOR OPPORTUNITIES TO BE SERVANT-HEARTED – Jesus set us the ultimate example of how to serve and love others. Ask God to allow you to be a better follower of Jesus in the way you cheerfully and lovingly serve others on a daily basis.

PRAY TO BE A LEARNER AND LISTENER – Everyone has something to offer, everyone has gifts to bring to the table. Ask God for the self-awareness and patience to slow down and see the value in others.

PRAY FOR WHAT’S NEXT – God is constantly drawing Jesus-followers forward into the Kingdom work that is happening all around us. What might God be inviting you into in this next season? Ask God to give you courage and tenacity to eagerly step into what’s next.

… Don’t let this just be ‘theory’ or good-ideas.
Please actually pray for us, starting now.
We want to see God work in amazing ways. — Chris Mixer & The Leaders of SUMC



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