1st Week Recap

Great week here at Simpsonwood UMC Youth Group!

Having now journeyed through our first week of the Fall semester, I thought I’d update y’all with a quick report:

(#1.) At the ReFuel ‘preview night’ (Wednesday Night Small Groups), we had 15 people join us. We know this was just a brief introduction; and plan for groups to grow. This week (08/17), we will have a Jr High Girls breakout, a Sr High Girls group, and an all-boys group. As soon as we identify another adult male facilitator (‘cough, cough’), we can split the boys into Jr High & Sr High. This week we begin our normal schedule: Dinner 5:30-6:30 (they are serving chopped BBQ, and Mac & Cheese); Small groups are 6:30-7:30, and ‘bonus-time’ is 7:30-8:00. Bonus Time basically means: if your group is done, you can go play foosball, but if you’re group is on a roll, you can keep meeting.

(#2.) At Sunday School yesterday (08/14) we had 32 people as we finished studying Biblical ‘Miracles.’ – We are nearing capacity for the Couch Corner (also called the ‘Gathering Area’). If we are going to break into separate rooms, we will need a couple more Leaders to stay safe-sanctuary compliant. Starting this week, we will look at ‘Angels’ in the Bible.

(#3.) And last night, was the launch of ‘LIVE’ at a new time/format. We had over 75 youth, + a great crew of Leaders. Thanks to everybody involved. The theme of last night was ‘The Olympics’ (and team Canada took home the most Golds). The energy was fabulous. We will get some pictures/video up on our Social Media accounts. Next week (08/21) is ‘Taste & See’ night with Gwinnett County’s largest Ice Cream Sundae? And in 2weeks (08/28), we need Parents in the room for some Parent vs Youth trivia. – Our biggest current need is a Worship Leader. If you know anyone, send them our way.

Thanks all. Keep praying for us! – Chris Mixer



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