Calling all worship-minded youth!

LIVE (youth group) is putting out the call for worship team members. Last Sunday, Chris Mixer led solo; but worship happens best when we all bring our hearts together, using all the gifts God has given us. We held an impromptu sign-up; and had 8 youth inquire about more information …

Thanks! The next step is finding a band ‘leader.’ — We haven’t identified that person yet. We have a young adult (Harrison Schramm) that has generously offered to advise us. And we have a youth (Sophie Zetzsche) who has volunteered to pick songs & be our administrator. But we still need a lead acoustic guitarist.

Here’s what we recommend for this week (Aug.21) … Chris Mixer will be lead guitar one more time; but we invite our 8 other friends on stage. We will only be leading two songs (‘Always’ by Kristian Stanfill before the message; & ‘At The Cross’ by Chris Tomlin after the message). Team: please familiarize yourself with these songs using youtube; and practice … We will use the chords as attached by this PDF: Worship-Chords01

If you are willing to help lead, we will practice together 30 minutes before LIVE (6:30-7:00 pm). Only those that can attend practice will be allowed on stage during LIVE. — NOTE: if you are volunteering your piano gifts, there is only ONE piano on stage (so you may be rotating); and if you are volunteering to play drums, you will need to show up extra-early to ‘set up’ (& break down) our drum kit. This is all quite new for us, and we can not promise everyone gets equal stage time, etc.

Special guest, Grady Deel, will lead the following week (Aug.28), which will allow us time to gather feedback & evaluate moving forward. Thanks for all your prayers & willingness to build God’s Kingdom here in Peachtree Corners!



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