Lessons & Curriculum this week

Here’s your weekly dose of SUMC youth group documents:

(#1.) We have started Confirmation! This past Sunday we had (18) Confirmands joins us as we studied how the Bible was organized. Special thanks to the ‘Primetime’ & ‘HomeBuilders’ classes for inscribing Bibles. (see pictures on our Facebook page). Here is the lesson page from week1: conf16-week1

(#2.) It’s not too late to join Confirmation … this Sunday we will study ‘Prayer’. Here’s the printable sheet that will be added to our notebooks: prayer16

(#3.) Our youth Sunday School classes have been studying the book of John. Here’s the lesson for Oct.02 —


(#4.) Our Wednesday Night ‘Small Group’ study meets 6:30-8:00, (after the community dinner at 5:30pm). Tomorrow we are looking at Biblical taxes & coins familiar to Jesus’ time. — The #PresidentialDebate had be thinking after last night. Here’s the handout: smallgr-week7

… And lastly …
See You At The Pole is tomorrow + Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters joins us Sunday for a fantastic night of worship. Make plans to be here:



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