Confirmation Parents (update):

Click Here for the WALL CROSS info: wall-crosses

Click Here for ALL the 5-minute make-up Homework: homework2017

& here’s the info going out in the most recent email:

(#1.) This Sunday, 02/19, is our final ‘regular class’. We will answer a ton of challenging Bible Questions, like: Why did God create Satan? (and) How do Dinosaurs fit into the Bible? It should be a highlight of the semester.

(#2.) Next Sunday, 02/26, we request all Parents to join us in the Sanctuary for our ‘run-though’ class with the Pastors. They will have us rehearse & walk-through ceremony questions. We will also take a ‘group photo’ for our Sunday bulletin.

(#3.) We have been taking notes which students have missed classes, and must request that students make up the work. There is 5-minutes of Homework for every class you missed. Homework sheets will be available this week (02/19), and online at – Homework is due at our rehearsal (02/26).

(#4.) All students who have not been baptized are invited & encouraged to be baptized as part of the Confirmation service; but we need to know in advance. On (02/26) we will take a head-count of potential baptism candidates.

(#5.) On Confirmation day, parents will present a cross to the church that will hang in the hallways in honor of your student. We will repost the ‘helpful hints’ to pick out a cross at

(#6.) We have loved this journey with your families. If for some reason, you or your child has decided NOT to be Confirmed (03/05), please reach out to Michelle (, Chris Mixer, or Rev Brian Clark. THANKS!


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