SundaySchool @ the Resurrection

Teachers (& those that want to start thinking in advance) …
Here’s the Sunday School lesson for this Sunday in PDF form — Res-SundaySchool

+ Here are a few of the answers (IMO):

[question1.] Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ important?
When Jesus beat death on Easter, it proved:
(#1.) That Jesus has power & authority.
(#2.) That God accepted the sacrifice.
(#3.) That death is not the end.

[question2.] How do we know someone didn’t just ‘steal the body’?
Neither the Jewish nor the Roman leaders, who guarded the tomb would have taken the body. Rather, both had every motive to produce the body publicly in order to humiliate the disciples. Likewise, is highly unlikely that Jesus’ followers could have removed the body with a Roman guard protecting the tomb, plus a large stone door.  How could they have gone out the rest of their lives and daily preached that Christ had risen from the dead when they knew all along it was a lie? The explosive growth of the Church is strong evidence for Jesus’ resurrection.

[question3.] Which of the Biblical eyewitnesses is the most interesting/important?
The conversion of certain key skeptics, most notably Paul and James. Paul was of his own admission a violent persecutor of the early Church. After what he described as an encounter with the resurrected Christ, Paul underwent an immediate and drastic change from a vicious persecutor of the Church to one of its most prolific and selfless defenders.
Also, in all of the major resurrection narratives, women are credited as the first and primary eyewitnesses. This would be an odd invention since in both the ancient Jewish and Roman cultures women were severely disesteemed. Given this fact, it is highly unlikely that any perpetrators of a hoax in 1st Century Judea would elect women to be their primary witnesses unless this is how it ACTUALLY HAPPENED (and not just a fabrication).

[question4.] Besides Scripture, what else might validate the Resurrection as true?
(#1.) The explosive growth of the Church.
(#2.) The conversion of certain key skeptics.
(#3.) The willingness of the disciples to die for this message.
(#4.) The enemy attestation to the empty tomb. The Sanhedrin wanted to exhume Jesus, put his body on public display. Instead, the Sanhedrin accused the disciples of stealing the body … they admitted Jesus was no longer in the tomb.

[question5.] Jesus said “I am the Resurrection and the Life” (John 11:25) well before His crucifixion. What did He already know? What was He trying to communicate to Mary & Martha at the time?
Martha believed that the resurrection is an event; Jesus showed her (and us) that the resurrection is a Person. Martha’s knowledge of eternal life was an abstract idea; Jesus proved that knowledge of eternal life is a personal relationship. Martha thought victory over death was a future expectation; Jesus corrects her, showing that victory is a present reality.

… see y’all Sunday 9:50am for Sunday School.


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