State of our Mission Trip + other stuff

Y’all, we have a ‘good problem.’
Our Summer Mission Trip is 99% full, and we are working on final details.

(#1.) If you *think* you’re registered, but don’t know, please contact Michelle (770-441-2181).

(#2.) If you asked us to ‘hold you a spot,’ but you never made a deposit, you may lose your spot to someone who offers us a check.

(#3.) If you have a reserved spot, & want to make a payment online, you can go to our the front page of our youth website & click ‘Pay Online’ … But if you are NOT yet registered, please contact Michelle before you make a 1st-time Payment.

(#4.) We are calling ‘Team Effort’ to inquire about more beds/registrations. If you (or a friend) have not told us your desire to attend, tell us ASAP. This may be the last chance to increase our numbers.

(#5.) We will soon post FAQ, packing-lists, & medical forms here on this blog/website. Please bookmark us & check-back soon.


(Other stuff #1.) Tonight, Wednesday 03rd, we are taking our Bible Study group to Simpsonwood Park to experience an ‘Outdoor Lesson.’

(Other stuff #2.) Tomorrow, Thursday 04th, is the National Day of Prayer.

(Other stuff #3.) Sunday is the last normal LIVE youth group of the year, 7:00-8:30pm. You may want to bring a roll of Duct Tape.

(Other stuff #4.) Sunday May 21st is ‘Youth Sunday’ at the 11am Renew church service. Youth are asked to attend & participate in service. Contact Amanda Lane if you would like to be a Greeter or Usher. We will also honor all High School & College Seniors, so invite a Graduate to be recognized. — Then after church, we will have a Youth Luncheon & BBQ. So, plan to hang out & eat our food until 1pm. Thanks!


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