Meet our Intern (+ other stuff)

Lots of great stuff happening this week at SUMC youth:

(#1.) We have a new fabulous summer Intern (who y’all probably already know).
Please make her feel welcome. She has an office in ‘Building C’ you can visit.


(#2.) Tonight (Wed, May 17th) is ‘Youth Council’ from 6:45-7:30pm.
We will be finalizing our Summer Calendars.
Any youth who show up & don’t want to ‘plan’ with us can join Bryan Coats & the Children-people doing ‘WATER NIGHT’ (bring a towel).

(#3.) The theme of Sunday School this week (May 21st) is The Power of a Youthful Generation. You can pre-plan & prepare with this PDF: SundaySchoolTimothy

Then at 11am we have ‘Youth Sunday‘ at the Renew Church Service.
We would LOVE to pack the House with youth & families.
During the Service we will honor High School & College Graduates/Seniors.
Then afterwards, we will host a Luncheon for all Youth (so plan to stay until 1:30pm, or so). — Please invite some friends. This is our School-Year Finale.



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