Rev. Brian Clark’s Top-10

Today (June 11th) was Rev. Dr. Brian Clark’s final sermon as Senior Pastor of Simpsonwood UMC. He left us with a David Letterman style ‘Top 10’ list:

(#10.) Remember that God love you; and the local church is one of the best instruments to proclaim that love.

(#9.) Pray for your new Pastor.

(#8.) Listen to the Holy Spirit.

(#7.) For the next year, let Brian Clark’s name be seldom spoken, so the new Pastor doesn’t have to live under any shadow.

(#6.) Don’t expect to see Brian Clark around the church for about a year to leave space for the new Pastor to fulfill his role.

(#5.) Every time you see the new Pastor for the next three months, tell him your name. Don’t expect him to learn them all right away.

(#4.) Don’t start conversation with the new Pastor by saying … “We always did it this way …” — Instead, ask him how God may be leading him since he has fresh eyes.

(#3.) Remember people who need love & take action. The new Pastor will be busy ministering to our local church members; we the church will need to love those outside our walls.

(#2.) Keep believing the best is yet to come.

(#1.) Love each other like Jesus would.

Brain (& the Clark family) — We love you. Thanks for all your ministry & leadership!



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