4th of July weekend.


(#1.) We still have Sunday School (9am on July 02nd), & will study Holidays Jesus would have celebrated. Do you know the difference between Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur?

(#2.) Sunday, July 09 we will have BIBLE TRIVIA-showdown at Sunday School (9am), then a commissioning of all our Youth Missionaries at the 10am service. We meet/depart at 2pm.

(#3.) We are currently communicating with all our Youth Missionaries if we are missing any forms or payments. Check your phone &/or email. Contact Michelle if you have any questions.

(#4.) Here’s what’s NOT happening — we suggested assisting Norcross Co-Op on Thursday, July 29. We are no longer caravan’ing out there due to lack of interest this week (but rescheduled for August 20th). Tuesday, July 04 we are NOT making or delivering ‘Smart Lunch, Smart Kid’ lunches (but will resume Wednesday, July 05).

(#5.) We are ELEVEN days away from our Youth Mission Trip.
Most the information is HERE: https://simpsonwoodyouth.org/trips/summer-mission-trip/ 



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