Social Media

Click the icons/links below to find us on social media!


Instagram @SimpsonwoodYouth


 Twitter @Swoodyouth


Youtube @SimpsonwoodYouth 



(Q1.) Why should I follow you?
(A1.) These are our BEST communication tools. We can update them in real time on-the-go. In case of inclement weather or last minute changes, this is the 1st place we will post.
On retreats, this is how we communicate our arrival time and travel status.
We can also post reminders and ‘themes’ for upcoming programs.

(Q2.) Do I have to create a Twitter account? I don’t ‘tweet.’
(A2.) You can have tweets sent in the form of a text message straight to your phone without the app. Just text “follow swoodyouth” (no quotes) to the number 40404.
Twitter may send a follow-up text asking you to name your account to finalize the process.
You can stop getting text-tweets at any time by texting “leave swoodyouth” to 40404.
We try to only tweet once or twice a week (unless we are on retreat) so we don’t ‘blow up’ your phone.

(Q3.) Isn’t there a minimum age to be on Social Media?
(A3.) We never ask students to break the rules of registration. Our target audience is actually our parents. Currently, Twitter doesn’t ask your age when you sign up; but Facebook’s minimum age requirement is 13. Instagram asks everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account, but not to simply view our existing account online. We trust the Parent’s discretion to limit their child’s usage online, and by no way feel it is necessary or expected to ‘follow us.’


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