Summer Mission Trip

Our Next Major Event: SUMMER MISSION TRIP 2017

We are going with Team Effort in Western Carolina July 9-14: 

On the way home, we will go inner-tubing with: 

OUR DOCUMENTS (a lot to read)
**  Here’s the details & FAQ (in PDF form): MissionsFAQ2017
**  Here’s the new Packing List: Packing-2017
**  (Leaders) Click here for a PDF of basic Small Group Tips: LeaderTips2017
**  (Leaders) Discussion questions specific to This Trip: LeaderNotes17
**  (Leaders) Last Minute Updates & Changes: TEAdults

PLEASE NOTE you will want to double-check to bring:
** a small Fan (we hear that the Air Conditioning has been overwhelmed)
** a Pillow & Towel (this is not a hotel)
** Shoes you can get wet (when we go inner-tubing down the river)
** an Adult to church on Sunday morning (to double-check all your forms).

IMPORTANT: Please plan on having all duffle bags & paperwork on property Sunday, July 09th by 9:45am. On Sunday, students will be commissioned at the 10am Church service; then go home for lunch, and meet back at SUMC at 1:30pm for registration & departure. (The earlier version of the FAQ might say a different time; ^ This is the correct time.)

RETURN — In a perfect world, we return to SUMC about 4pm on Friday (14th).
Please check our Social Media accounts to get up-to-the-minute timing.



Check out last years videos on our Youtube channel!




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